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Principal's Letter to Parents - September 2020

Dear Parents /Guardians:

Welcome to our new school year. I hope your child/children will be happy and enjoy the coming year. A special welcome to our new pupils – Alina Bogdanovica, Daniel Boyadzhiev, Ellen Fadden, Ronan Jordan, Kyle Tansey, LilyMae McDonnell, Atanas Mihaylov.


Swimming lessons are cancelled due to Covid.


Tin Whistle lessons will not resume at present.


Parent/Teacher meetings for all classes will be held on the 14th and 15th October. (All the details at a later date).


School commences at 9.20am and finishes at 3pm. Infants should be collected at 2.00pm. With safety in mind, Parents are asked to collect their children at the gate. The area outside the gate is the designated area for the school bus pick –up. For the safety of everyone, Parents/Guardians should not park in this area at pick/drop off times.

If there is a change of person collecting your child, please give written notification to the School.

We request that Parents do not drop off their child in the morning without a teacher being present.

In line with Covid’19 restrictions, No Parent/Guardian is allowed on the school grounds. Please contact us by phone at 094 9032010 to make an appointment, if necessary. Also we require 3 contact numbers for each child. Please send these into us if you haven’t done so already.


Break Times:

To facilitate all children going outside at break times, please ensure your child brings a coat to school every day. This is in line with the HSE recommendations that children be out in the fresh air as much as possible.


School Uniforms:

Boys: Grey trousers, grey V-neck jumper, blue shirt, grey/blue tie and black shoes.

Girls: Grey pinafore/trousers, grey cardigan, blue blouse, grey/blue tie, grey/blue tights and black shoes.

The School Tracksuit: Navy blue T-shirt, navy blue bottoms and royal blue sweatshirt with the school crest. (If your child requires extra P.E. gear please contact J.T. Sports, Green Stores, Claremorris.)



Please note:

  • Parents/Guardians of Infant classes should initial their copies and books, etc. please, and have 2 sets of thick twistables as there can be no sharing.

  • Parents/ Guardians should sign their children’s homework copy every evening. Sick notes should be brought in when a child is absent.

  • Children cycling to School should have a note from their Parents confirming this.

  • In times of extreme weather please listen to Midwest Radio for information re. school closure.

  • In line with the Education Welfare Act we wish to draw your attention to the following:

  1. Parents must inform the School when a student is absent and must give the reason(s) for such absence(s).

  2. If the cumulative number of days on which a student is absent reaches 20 days in a School year, the Principal is legally obliged to inform the Education Welfare officer who may investigate the matter.


Tracksuits should be worn on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.




Staffing Arrangements: 

Ms. Fionnuala Costello will teach classes Junior Infants, Senior Infants, First and Second. Ms. Nola Gibbons will teach Third, Fourth and Fifth classes.

We welcome Ms. Karen Summerville as our Special Education Teacher.


All School testing will take place the last week in May and the first week in June. The results are sent home in the end of year school report.

Voluntary Contributions for 20/21 are €25 per pupil / €35 per family of 2+. We very much appreciate these contributions, as they are used to cover the cost of art equipment and photocopying. Cheques should be made payable to Manulla N.S. and no coins please.

Healthy Eating

In line with our healthy eating policy- crisps, bars, sweets, fizzy drinks and chewing gum are not allowed in the school. Please do not use tinfoil for wrapping food. In our effort to restrict the use of plastic, please send a reusable drinks beaker and lunchbox with your child.


Our school Insurance scheme for pupils (which is optional), is up for renewal, we shall forward the details to you in the next week or so.


When pupils are exchanging gifts for Christmas /Birthday/ After a holiday, Parents are encouraged to do this outside of school hours to avoid the upset of pupils who are not included.


Our website address is being updated at present.


Our new entrants and all pupils will receive pupil information on Data Protection in schools. The Department of Education use The Primary Online Database (POD) to maintain data. Our new Parents/Guardians will receive our policies. These policies must be signed by the parents/Guardians.  All our policies are available for viewing in the school, by appointment.


Parents/Guardians can visit the HSE website for the most up to date information on the symptoms of Covid ’19 in children.


Please check your child’s school bag for notes/newsletters that are sent from the school.


If children have any books belonging to the school at home, please send them in to us.


Please Note;

Label all your child’s belongings please.


This is our new school year with lots of changes for us all. We will support each other and get through this together and you can always contact us with any concerns you may have.



Yours  sincerely.


Fionnuala  Costello


Fionnuala Costello


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